My Story

I am a Computer Science Graduate student at The University of Texas at Arlington. I'm pursuing my PhD in Computer Science, focusing on Human Computer Interaction. This field has always fascinated me as how close humans have come to computers and technology and I believe this field has a great future inventing new ways to improve the computer-human interaction. 

My prime area of focus is virtual reality and augmented reality, as its still in its nascent stages and has a lot of potential to help make our lives better and closer to reality in the world of IoT. In the field of Virtual & Augmented Reality, I am more interested on the User Experience (UX) aspect & aspire to become a User Experience researcher in these two areas. 


Wondering why my website is ''?

I am a multi-talented person. I am a singer and have learned flute from my Grammy award winner father who is a world renowned flute player. From the very start, I was good in almost all creative work. So all my friends and family affectionately called me Star and thus my name thereafter became "StarSanika" :) 

 As Human Computer Interaction is a multidisciplinary field, I get to become an artist, designer, scientist and an engineer at the same time; and I think this is the best experience I am having as a research student in this area. 

I have also held many leadership positions at my university and have done volunteering at international conferences, college events and for the Arlington community.