I have a lot of hobbies and all of them belong to the creative field :)



I have learnt Indian Classical Music and Carnatic (South Indian) Music since I was 4 years old. I have sung three songs for two animated movies and have performed multiple stage shows.  This is one of the animated movie in which I have sung


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I love to travel. I enjoy learning about new culture, history and most especially eat different cuisine. 

Filmmaking / Video Editing 

I enjoy the whole process of creating videos - writing scripts, shooting videos, editing, music arrangement, recording voices. Basically, I enjoy the reactions of the viewers when they view a film/video I make. All the videos on this website are made by me, expect the movie above. 

Creative Writing

I write songs, poems and short stories. Although I haven't publish anything yet, I intend to write revolutionary stories one day, with idealistic and technology rich futuristic society showing the world "What our future will be if we change now?". Below is a song I wrote in Hindi language that was publish in my college magazine. 

Oh yes, I have publish academic conference papers. So as a graduate student, I do a lot of technical writing, that has its own meaning of 'being creative' ;)