Grace Hopper Celebration Volunteer

2016 & 2107

I have been GHC Conference's volunteer twice. My duties were to help the organizers with administrative task, manage crowds and coordinate between other volunteers to get the on site task done. 


CHI Volunteer

2017 & 2018

CHI is the premier world conference on Human Computer Interaction. I was one of the luckiest student to bag the volunteer opportunity. During the conference, I volunteered for 20 hours over 4 days. I helped at the registration desk, manage crowds, help attendees during Q&A sessions. 


PETRA Volunteer


PETRA is an international academic conference held in Greece every year. I also was award the doctoral consortium at this conference. 


MavsGoGreen Volunteer


Eco Fest

Eco Fest is a community activity organized by the City of Arlington. As a MavsGoGreen president, my team helped organize this event along with the City of Arlington. We did a bunch of activities such as giving out plant samplings, fertile soil for gardening, showcased re-cycling methods and volunteered to manage games during the event.